🏠 Survivors Guide To Working In Isolation 🦠

With our world turned into a surreal WB-sponsored studio for another pandemic flick, it is important to keep calm, stay productive and avoid being a covidiot (yes, we are fighting stupidity too). We are going to provide you few amazing tips to not only maintain the professional charisma as you did at your workplace, but also give out nice wholesome vibes while minding the distance. <3

Communication – clarity translates to efficiency

Clarity: The mantra for effective communication centers around clarity, especially when all of us are working from home (wfh). It helps to make your colleagues understand about the nature of work and tasks, and as well as understand. Be it one-on-one meeting or strategic planning, clear communication is essential and it will save you a lot of time.

Organizing your communication: Suitable platforms like Slack, Trello, Basecamp…etc provide great features to organize your tasks and mutual interaction. Adding labels to conversations helps in organizing the chatter which can be easily found at the time of
instant need.

Don’t lose the empathy: Despite all the immersive tech around us, modern human still remains a social animal at heart. Social interaction is one of our basic human needs. Though the pandemic has really restricted each one of us to our homes, we can still reach out to our colleagues to check on with everyone. Your interaction does not have to be work related always; empathizing with colleague certainly boosts spirits.

Stay charismatic! (Online)

Workplaces become fun places with good-spirited people around. You may have an amazing office culture that you might be missing right now, but who said that a similar online culture cannot be built or cultivated? It is all about making an effort to gel up the
team and be proactive about anything that would lift your team spirit.

It is not what you say, it is how you say it.

Never underestimate the appeal of an apt GIF during an informal conversation. Using emojis to indicate tone and intent also makes informal conversations appealing.

Share a coffee; share a laugh. Having good teammates also allow to unwind and relieve work-related stress over a cup of coffee or lunch. Despite working from home, they are only a call away.

Cook something nice and share a lunch online.

Maintain the wholesomeness.

Do not let social distancing take a toll on you. It is very important to maintain physical and mental health during the time of a pandemic, especially when there is way too much uncertainty. Develop an exercise routine or even a little dance. Taking time out to
connect with Mother Nature by having a stroll to breath some fresh air will keep you focused and healthy. But ensure social distancing.

Frame a regular work schedule. Working from home in pyjamas all day long is a very comforting idea but it gradually turns one lethargic and lazy. Maintain the same working hours routine as you would in your office. Do not overwork or stay late; discipline is

Too much news is stressful. Consuming way too much news frequently might make you stressed and nervous. Set a habit of checking news only once or twice a day. Keep yourself updated about the precautionary measures to protect yourself and loved ones. Make sure to only check authentic sources. Let no one make you believe that Covid-19
was developed in a laboratory. *tips hat*

Quarantino your isolation. Activate Uma Thurman’s Kill Bill mode on your isolation. Get connected on interest-based forums, pick some new hobby to learn online, or have a show/movie to watch? Just do it. Art be our savior. There can be many fun activities like
trying your hands on cooking and sharing your MasterChef skills or failures with your teammates. :-p

Do not forget that your out of work social circle is still there. Stay connected with your family and friends and never let your work from home be an excuse to lose the human connection.

Humans thrive with togetherness

Our species has evolved in a million years into social animals that we are today. Can a single pandemic take away our millions of years of gain? Hell no! We thrive with togetherness; caring for each other and helping one another out. Stay kind. Stay humble. Look out for the people in need and help them while ensuring your own safety. It is a lesson for entire humanity. Let us learn and improve.

We will get through this.

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