Social media post ideas for doctors and dentists

Visiting or consulting a doctor or dentist is naturally a scary thought. It is not like our angelic heroes frighten us, but our brains are wired to be feel that way as health-related matters are important. 

Therefore, it is tough to enhance your social media presence. However, with the right kind of posting which may include, but not limited to, helpful medical tips, alerts, and related medical news, you can attract good amount of audience. 

To help you out, we have compiled some great ideas to enhance your social media presence across different platforms. 


Share helpful tips

Sharing tips on how to look after yourself is a great way of winning trust and building a friendly impression on social media with your followers. This can be achieved by sharing how to stay warm during winters for your elderly patients. On the other hand, dentists can share cool tips to keep teeth clean, especially during holiday seasons when people are normally munching more and caring less. 

You may also share interesting facts about human health and hygiene. 


Relevant news

Relevant, health-related news and developments are important when it comes to our well-beings. With major health story(s) dominating the news frequently, you can find great quality articles or other information sources to help your audience and patients take precautionary measures. This is actually very applicable right now during the times of global pandemic. 

What more, you can also trigger a discussion by asking open-ended as captions of news stories. People will more likely comment, share, and tag friends. 



Who does not love a successful medical recovery, surgery, operation…etc.? Share the success stories of your patients (with their consent) to motivate others and make them more optimistic. You can also share behind the scenes of your daily hectic life as a doctor or dentist. The camaraderie that you share with your colleagues and some funny instances that you may share. 


Keep your patients informed


This can also be handy during the pandemic situation as well since the hospitals are over loaded. 


One more thing…

If you are medical worker reading this, please know that you are our hero and we salute you. <3


See the images below for inspiration:


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