How to publish an app to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store

After a good journey in the world of programming, you will probably decide to try building an application and publish the app on the Google play store or Apple’s app store. Whether it’s for Android or iOS, it’s the same, your app is now available to users and you just need to monitor the results and improve and modify this app.

How to publish an app to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Let’s assume that you have an Android application and you want to publish it to Google Play store, and your friend has just finished building an application for the iOS and you would also like to put that application on the Apple App Store. We will discuss the steps that you and your friend need to follow to make the application available to users on both app stores.

How to publish the first application on the Google Play Store

Android apps are available to users on the Google Play Store, so sooner or later every programmer should have this experience and upload at least one app to the store, by following these steps:

  • Build the app in an integrated way so that it can be deployed, since publishing the app to the store is not the process you want to do every day when you modify a small bug or the color of a button, so, finish building the app, before you upload it.
  • Build a registered version of the app, called Signed APK, that needs a registry key. You can create a key by typing the following command in the Android folder in the file whereabouts Keytool:
    Keytool -genkey the -v -keystore My-Key.keystore -alias Alias_name -keyalg the RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000
  • Sign in to your Google email, then access the following link:
  • You must choose to build a developer account to upload the app.
  • You have to pay the account fee of $25.
  • Here begins the process of entering application information namely:
    1. Title
    2. Brief description
    3. Full description
    4. Screenshots of the application, minimum 2 images and a maximum of 8.
    5. A logo of your application
    6. The type of application
    7. Category
    8. Content rating
    9. Your Email ID
    10. Your applications website
    11. Link to Privacy Policy page

And some other details you should pay attention to make your app one of the distinctive applications on the store and get a large number of downloads by users.

How to publish the first application on the App Store

When building an app for the App Store you must follow the following:

  • The application must be provided when it is uploaded with its compatibility information, as the store works to provide applications that are appropriate to the capabilities of users’ phones.
  • When building the app, pay attention to how much memory it needs, which is important when you upload it to the store.
  • Update the app you are uploading to the latest versions compatible with modern devices, both in screen size and bezels, and view these updates on your app page.
  • The application should be tested using the xCode emulator to verify all its features and compatibility with different devices.
  • You will need to upload screenshots of the app within the store and be aware that rounded edges will be applied to the image so be sure to keep the text away from the edges so that it is not truncated.
  • Before submitting your application for review, make sure that you have completed all the information and processes necessary to complete its installation.
  • Send the app to the App Store Connect, and test it on a test basis using the TestFlight beta test to get valuable information about the app before sending it to the store.
  • Update your product page and make sure your name, screenshots, keywords, subtitle, and promotional text met the Apple guidelines.
  • Upon submission, you will receive instructions to complete the task.

So you will get your first application on the Apple app store, now you can ask your friends to try the applications and you can modify and get the best application possible, as well as improve your programming skills.

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