Hidden YouTube features you should know

We use YouTube almost every day to watch videos and listen to music. It’s free to use and can be accessed through a web browser from any electronic device.

YouTube has a lot of tools to improve the user experience and attract more users and even has several important hidden features that are not known to many, let us reveal the most important features of YouTube that will surprise you today.

YouTube Music allows you to download 500 songs

The latest features of YouTube Music launched in the past few months is Smart Downloads. The feature allows you to download up to 500 songs and listen to them without an internet connection and in the background. You can enjoy music and continue using your phone as any music app on your device, but the new service will be paid with a free trial for three months.

When you subscribe to the new service, the YouTube Music app will show you a large number of songs that you hear frequently, with multiple options for video resolution as well as the ability to download only audio, and will start downloading late at night on the Wi-Fi network.

Save video links to share or re-view from a specific time

Imagine you are watching a very long video on YouTube, showing a funny snapshot at 13:20 and you want to share it with your friends or keep it for later reference.

The browser allows you to do this task by simply right-clicking on the video, showing you the option to copy the video URL at the moment. In the end, it is enough to add the number of seconds to perform the same, like, ?t=400.

Take an excerpt from a video and turn it into an animated image

Animated GIFs are spread across all messaging and social media apps. You can take part in any video on YouTube and convert it to animation for later use. You just need to enter gif before the word youtube in the video link, to be redirected to gifs.com which will let you choose the starting and ending point of the animation, and then you can edit it, such as rotate, crop and add stickers, then everything will be ready to save. (gifyoutube.com)

Save videos for offline viewing

When you subscribe to YouTube Premium, you will be able to download videos and save them to your device to watch them without an Internet connection, just press the Download button and select the resolution you want. Then you will find all your videos uploaded in the library and you can watch them at your convenience.

Play YouTube in YouTube TV mode

YouTube works on all new smart screens, but you can run it on any screen by going to youtube.com/tv and log in to a Google account, to choose the appropriate resolution to the size of your screen so as not to lose any part of the fun.

Show Subtitles in YouTube

You can take advantage of the subtitle feature if the video language is foreign to you. YouTube will show you all the translation options available by clicking the subtitle button next to the playback accuracy button. For videos that do not have official subtitles, YouTube will allow you to take advantage of the interpretation service in Google Translate, which shows you the translation automatically Auto-translate almost accurately according to the sound clarity and pronunciation integrity.

This service can also be used when you are sitting in a quiet place and want to watch YouTube and do not have headphones.

Use Dark Mode

The YouTube interface has a white color that can be annoying at late night times, so YouTube provided the Dark theme to soften the white color in the interface. You can easily activate it by going to Setting settings and then General you can turn on the Dark theme which will turn all the white areas in the app to dark gray.

If you use YouTube at night for long periods, this is probably one of the most important features of YouTube.

Picture-in-picture feature to watch YouTube in a floating window

You may see YouTube and need to send an emergency message without pausing the video and exit the program. Only for YouTube Premium subscribers, you can activate the previous feature by accessing advanced notification settings and turning on this great feature.

Keyboard shortcuts and gestures

YouTube gives you control over the video with keyboard shortcuts. You can pause and continue with the K or Space button. You can use the left and right buttons or the letters L and J to render or delay the video for 10 seconds, in the same way, The two clicks in the smartphone, you can also use the F button to view the video full screen and ESC to exit this mode.

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