Google Campus: LONDON – Planning Your Growth: Scaling Your Team

Just saw this event happening at the Google campus in London. Sound quite interesting. As one of the biggest challenge for any startup these days is to have a clear vision of how to scale and grow your business properly.  I have seen many fail at this stage by trying to grow too quickly without planning or being to naive about the need for steady growth and gets eaten up by a competition. 

I might actually go on this one.. If you want to come and network with me – Let me know, it will be fun. 

Here is the Link for the event page: 

When start-ups are founded, the talent is probably the biggest asset it has and as time goes by that won’t change: Attracting, retaining and nurturing the right talent in your scale-up is crucial for its success.

But growing a team isn’t easy – when is the right time to hire? Which roles should you hire for first? How much should you pay? How do you find the best talent? And how do you attract it to your scale-up?

If these questions are of interest to you, then you should come to our event on 28 September. The event is free, and you will hear:

– Bill Boorman, recruitment tech guru, giving a talk on the recruitment technology industry and startups and scaleups can benefit from it

– Hung Lee from WorkshapeAlex van Klaveren from Kandidate and Alex Charradaudea from Linkedin, talking about considerations when growing your team, particularly with regards to new technologies which exist


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