Email marketing trends: The Future of email marketing

An email has an average investment of 122%, four times higher than any other digital marketing, but is 40 times more effective than other social media in business campaigns and gaining new customers.

Although it doesn’t take the same interest or amount of social media posts, email marketing has incredible results evolving year after year. Marketers use email as a way to have the best combination of effectiveness and ease of use.

New email design

We all know that e-mail is a medium of communication-based on solid readable text, which until now has been purely conventional text-based messages. But recently marketers have paid some attention to adding some interesting things in their messages such as graphics and images, as brands began to realize that effective campaigns are about visuals as much as words, and began to focus on design elements such as icons, illustrations and button colors, and we expect to see more of this Next year, marketers will see an increase in their visual design efforts.

More videos

Video is expected to account for 80% of total Internet traffic by 2020, with 54% of consumers wanting to see more video content from marketers, and that it will be more desirable and more effective by the public, so email platforms make it easy to deliver videos In marketing campaigns, soon videos will be the first thing in email marketing campaigns.

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The trend towards mobile phones

A lot of changes have been made in the e-mail marketing world besides all of the above, another trend has played a key role in this list to combine all the previous ideas and increase the rate of purchase, namely the transition from computers to mobile devices.

55% of the messages are opened by mobile phones.

Personalized Email

Thanks to strong marketing platforms and rich data, brands increasingly target highly specific content and offerings to individuals based on past and expected behavior. This method yields great results, with 82% of marketers reporting an increase in sales thanks to good email customization, which will become more effective next year due to the development of more sophisticated tools.

Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing

The amount of customer data is increasing daily, making data exploration more difficult than ever. According to the marketing situation in Salesforce Research, the average number of data sources increased from 10 in 2017 to 15 in 2019, an increase of 50% in only two years. While marketers have more customer data than ever before, it is time to understand their behavior and everything related to that data and link them together.

47% of marketers say they have a single view of how to do this, using artificial intelligence (AI). Instead of scrolling between multiple data sources, AI will help you monitor your subscriber’s status, make suggestions and everything he needs.

Send messages depending on what event occurs

This means that our messages will reach our e-mail after a specific event, such as we have followed the news of the site, or put a product in the shopping list in the electronic basket any messages related to specific actions, and here with the use of this feature increased the rate of opening messages to 71%, and increased the recommended click-through rate is 100% compared to regular newsletters.

This is because marketers tend to do something out of desire out of curiosity, and this kind of message has proven to be more effective and less annoying than other normal messages.

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