Best WordPress Plugins For Email Marketing & Lead Gen – 2019

Everybody loves their business as much as they can and they want to see it grow and bring them profit. I am kind of right, isn’t it? Trust me, we know what kind of toil and hard work does it takes to create a profitable one and to keep it stable.

It is a good thing if you have got your own website for your business to maintain a online profile to reach out to your existing and potential customers. And it is even more great, if your website is on WordPress because that can help you drive immense results which you can ever imagine.

Well, we here at MojoMedia are about to discuss about some advance level marketing tactics to make your business more prosper through WordPress.

Alright, are you interested knowing more about Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugins which will eventually help your local business grow.?

Taking that as a YES, let’s move forward.

Justa quick note.. You might want to know more about these because market climates change everyday and they are undeniable. You have to be prepared to adapt to the situation which might happen. So email marketing might be the first thing to start your day with.

1. Newsletter

Starting with the Newsletter email marketing WordPress plugin, it is one of the best plugin which you can find very much basic to your needs. Generally it deals with opt-in email newsletter which are sent to your users on a specially occasion. The good thing about the plugin is that, it can be extended as per the standard marketing strategies and give awesome results.

Key Features Of The Newsletter WordPress Plugin are:

  • Opt-in email marketing newsletter.
  • Inbuilt email organiser & scheduler.
  • Premade email templates are available to use.
  • Mailing list holder.
  • You can easily embed any post/page within the email using Newsletter plugin.
  • Also, bounce emails can be managed.
  • Aggressive email pushing & notification options.

Surprised yet? You don’t know yet how these types of email marketing plugins can change your business into a whole new shape. Follow up.

2. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is undoubtedly one of the best advanced plugin which is ever built for WordPress email subscriptions. Along with that, it is used for email marketing purpose, and its features are very much spectaculous. See for yourself.

Key Features of Mailchimp Email Marketing Plugin:

  • Hassle free integration with WordPress dashboard and website.
  • Email list building.
  • Is also available in different formats, eg. Email subscription forms, contact forms, newsletter etc.
  • Comes with prebuilt formats which can be edited as per the users need.
  • Email marketing automation system.
  • Dedicated customer care.


3. MailPoet

In those recent year, Mailpoet has turned out to be a worthy email marketing tool. This WordPress plugin is a revamped version of its two prior updates as everyone can see it. Its free plan supports you to hold upto 2000 emails in its database collection. And if there is any further need of upgradation, you can consider switching to its premium plan.

Key Features of MailPoet WordPress Plugin:

  • Easy to use.
  • Accessible from the wordpress dashboard.
  • Free plan allows you to store 2000 emails.
  • Responsive opt-in subscription templates.
  • Prebuilt email newsletter templates.


As compared to its older versions, MailPoet 3 is absolutely a stunning one. This can definitely make changes in your email marketing results if treated carefully.

4. OptinMonster

Last but not the least, OptinMonster would be my personal choice to have it as my default email marketing plugin. In fact, it is one of the most dynamic email marketing software which I have seen till the date. Even with the lowest monthly plan of $9, you can do a lot more things than anyother tools mentioned in this article.

Key Features Of OptinMonster:

  • OptinMonster Builder
  • Page level targeting
  • Powerful analytics for each type of form you deploy.
  • Vast range of forms and templates available to be prompted
  • Split testing
  • Automatic pop-up upon users exit your site.


Without any doubt, this so far the best lead gen and email opt-in plugin which can be used to build a list of your potential customers and reach them out. Also, it offers a 100% no-risk money back guarantee till the first 14 days. If you simply don’t find it suitable for yourself, you can have your valuable money back.


So, after reading this article about email marketing plugins for WordPress, you might have a better idea of which plugin to start your using for local business or not. You can bear spending a little more time and can find dedicated reviews about these plugins on the internet for far better idea. If you have anything in your mind about these plugins or email marketing, feel free to ask in the comments. We will be happy to assist.

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