Alternatives to Google Services: Don’t allow Google to control your life

Google is the king of the Internet so why would you need an alternative to Google services?

Despite the dominance, Google is to many accusations regarding the privacy of user information, data collection, exploitation and sale of information, as all leading international companies such as Facebook, Apple, and others. So it is necessary to look at some of the products and services that may be considered an alternative to Google.

We will review in this article some alternatives to the important and essential Google services.

Alternatives to Google search engine

It is one of the most famous Google services that is essential to our lives, but some alternatives To Google search may have other advantages.


A convenient search engine with the necessary privacy and protection options, as well as a wide variety of search results.


A powerful search engine from the United States, offering advanced search options as well as reducing the inconvenience of unwanted ads and extensions while searching.


The only search engine that has complete algorithms for tracking, archiving, and searching, as the rest of the engines work based on the results of other search engines.


The search engine from Microsoft offers many search services including web, video, images, maps, and other web products.

Alternatives to Gmail

There is no doubt that the Google e-mail service is one of the distinctive and important services to organize work, but there are some accusations made by the company, the most important of which is the use of Google mail messages as a tool to collect information about its users, which gives them sufficient perception of the user and information, which may be personal and sensitive.

Mail is also used for advertising and marketing and shared with third parties for commercial or similar purposes.

We, therefore, suggest some alternatives to Google’s e-mail services that offer greater privacy:


Email developed in Germany, very secure with high privacy options, plus free email space up to 1 GB.


E-mail from the Netherlands with many options and useful features in addition to privacy and security, but it is free for only 7 days and then a fee of $5 per month.


Swiss e-mail, free for up to 500MB, as well as mailbox encryption features and other options of privacy, security and other basic and advanced features in the field of electronic correspondence.

Alternatives to Google Chrome

Like Gmail, Google is accused of using Chrome as a tool to collect information about users and spy on users using cookies, browsing data history and search history.

Many alternatives can provide safe options for browsing and Internet services.

Firefox browser

The famous open-source browser, customizable according to the user’s desire, and is characterized by its security and privacy, in addition to the presence of several additions and modifications make the browsing experience fun, comfortable and safe.


It is one of the most powerful browsers in terms of privacy, security and safe browsing, free and open source as it was built by volunteers from all over the world and can be considered the most powerful version of Firefox and has strong protection from tracking and penetration.

Alternatives to Google Drive

With the increasing demand for online storage and storage, Drive offers excellent services in this area, but of course, many storage services can be used:


A German-made open-source cloud storage platform with numerous security, encryption, and data protection features as well as ease of handling and use.


An encrypted and secure cloud storage service from Canada, serving both individuals and businesses.


It is a popular and popular alternative but does not offer all the desired privacy options.

Alternatives to Google Calendar

The e-calendar service for organizing appointments and scheduling is provided free of charge from Google, available on all platforms and allows the user with many options in addition to linking and synchronization with the rest of the Internet services such as e-mail, browsing, etc.

Lightening Calendar

An open-source notebook developed by Mozilla, it also comes compatible and synchronized with Thunderbird and Seamonkey.

Kolab now

One of the distinctive services in the field of scheduling appointments and electronic diary, but also associated with the email.

Alternatives to YouTube

Google is one of the dominant players that offers video sharing services, but there are some good YouTube alternatives.


A network of many channels that brings users together with the addons while sharing video, comments, etc. as a spectator or as a content owner. PeerTube is a great experience for video content platforms.


A fast, customizable video player with ease of use and user-friendly visual interfaces, at relatively low cost.

Alternatives to Google Translate

Alternatives to Google services at the level of translation are many and sometimes superior to Google translator, although it is the first choice when you want to translate vocabulary or sentences for many people.

A powerful translator that caters very well to the purpose as well as the variety of languages ​​that can be added, translated into, and from.


Powerful alternatives that provide great results and similar to Google’s results in terms of quality in addition to the possibility of translating more than 5000 characters at a time, with some additional features and user-friendly interface.

In the end, of course, there are many other Google services that may be distinguished by Google and others are difficult to find a competitive alternative, but the software market and competition in this area is accelerating and continuous progress, which may open the door for startups and ambitious emerging and development, which enriches the market with a lot of services and new and innovative products.

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