9 ways you’re being tracked without you knowing it

Everything we do online leaves a trace mark that can be tracked. We think that with technology we provide support for ourselves and make progress in our business, but the fact is that we often lose our privacy.

Many companies are tracking their users without realizing it, such as Uber, which tracks their users by creating software that runs in the background of smart devices, without the user noticing it.

you’re being tracked without you knowing it

You may be thinking that you have nothing to hide but user privacy is still a major concern for many people me and you should take the necessary precautions to avoid being tracked by the online services.

Here are 9 ways you’re being tracked without you knowing it:

1. Social networks 

The reason why social networks like Facebook are free is that they work with companies that offer ads tailored to you on this site by tracking your information: email, phone number, location, political tendencies, age, interests and even about the devices you use to access Facebook.

2. Search results 

Many search engines store all the search results, Google, in particular, keeps track of all the ads you are looking for from the ads, videos, images, links that you click on, but there are search engines such as Duck Duck Go that does not track the search results for its users.

3. E-mail 

There are many companies you have not heard of before that know a lot about you, especially if you open an email sent by one of their accounts, they will know where you are, and what kind of device you are using by simply clicking on the link and all without awareness or consent From you. 

But there is a clever way to know who is tracking your email revealed by Sonny Tulyaganov, the inventor of Ugly Email, a Chrome search engine technology that lets you know who is tracking your emails. This technology is used by more than 300,000 users because the use of Ugly Email is simple and efficient, it inserts a (1×1) image into your email and when you open the email the image provides the server from which you created information such as time, location, and the device you are using. The messages will appear in your e-mail with the eye icon next to the subject heading, allowing you to know who is tracking your messages. Once you click on it, you will be alerted from your email account and your computer.

4. Applications

A variety of applications such as Tinder, Yelp track their users. Snapchat allows users to view their location on the map while using the application. If you choose to use this feature Snapchat will track your location, share it with friends by placing your avatar on your map, and although there is an option to get out of this feature, there is still a possibility to know where you are.

5. Cookies

A variety of sites use cookies to see if a user has accessed this site before, in most cases, they are used to remember preferences and targeted advertising material in shopping, but most browsers have a way to disable cookies if you don’t you want them to track your movements online.

you’re being tracked without you knowing it

6. Mobile devices 

Your mobile phone has many sensors that track how you use the phone. It may also have environmental sensors that enable you to determine the light and temperature levels in your surroundings. Your cellular service provider maintains records of incoming and outgoing calls and a GPS that enables you to be tracked and determine your location.

7. Wi-Fi networks 

It’s not a good idea to use a public Wi-Fi network in general as Wi-Fi networks can be very easily traced by anyone on the same network. 

8. Online shopping

Your online shopping habits can reveal a lot more information about you than you think or are willing to share with the companies. The online shopping sites like Amazon track your online purchases as well as your shopping history and use artificial intelligence to recommend similar products.

9. Household appliances 

Yes, even a washing machine and a fridge might be watching you, if it’s one of those smart appliances. The use of sensors is not safe and has become a major privacy issue. The amount of information that can be accessed by any application developer can be enormous, ranging from discovering whether a person is working or not going to sleep and other similar information.

The voice technology that is becoming more and more popular and popular, being used by devices such as Google Home and Alexa also keeps records of search queries and voice conversations.

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