7 free tools that allow you to track and monitor visitors on your website

If you are a webmaster, it is very important that you know your visitors, what they are doing and how they spend their time, which is why you will need special tools to do this. Let’s find out why visitors are important and what tools help you on your site.

track website visitors

Benefits of tracking website visitors

Visitor tracking lets you know what people are doing on your site in real-time, and its benefits vary depending on the tool you use.

  • Find out if new content is popular.
  • Information about social networking articles and websites that attract visitors.
  • Know which products and deals are of great interest.
  • Instant notifications if a specific person or company visits your site.
  • See which pages generate the most sales.

The most famous tools to track your visitors

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most popular site visitor tracking tool. It has many different features. If you use Real-Time, you’ll be able to use Event Tracking to monitor your phone’s app location usage, see the performance of any promotions you run, and monitor your goals is in line with location changes.

Google Analytics is free and to get the settings, you need to add tracking code to your site. You can manually place the code after the <head> tag on each page you want to track, and sites like WordPress provide plugins that will automatically add the code.

Live Traffic Feed

Live Traffic Feed

You may not need the complexity of Google Analytics if your site doesn’t have a lot of traffic, and for a clearer way to check the number of visitors on your site in real-time, you can use the free Live Traffic Feed tool, which provides live information about people who visit your site. This information includes the location of the visitor and the page they viewed.

To use Live Traffic Feed you can either get HTML code and paste it into your site manually or download WordPress plugin, and there are many customization options like color, time zone, counters, size and more. For the tool to work properly, you must make sure that it is at the top 30% of your site’s page, and if it is less than 30%, the tool will update in real-time for only three minutes, and you’ll need to refresh the page to reactivate it.

Note: Anyone visiting your site will be able to watch the live stream. So do not use this tool if you are seeking privacy.



Hitsteps specializes in real-time visitor location tracking, and from the main dashboard, you can find out which country the visitor is in, how they found you, what page they are looking for, their browser, their operating system, and more.

If a visitor fills out a form on your site, such as a newsletter signup, comment, or contact form, Hitsteps can automatically link the visitor’s identity to the details of the form they have filled out, allowing you to build a more complete picture of your visitors.

Other Hitsteps features include keyword analytics, cross-device tracking, website maps, page speed analysis, and real-time ad blocker detection.



Whos.Amung.Us is one of the best free visitor tracking tools that support many ways to display lots of pages and unlimited visitors and websites. You can add a live map to your site and choose from a range of visitor counter tools, and install the tool on Your site, you need to copy and paste the HTML code from the Whos.Amung.Us site, and you need to include it in every site you want to track, it is not enough to run it only on your home page, and the tool is supported by ads.



Supercounters is another site that offers a variety of visitor tracking tools that you can add to your site. The tools are divided into several categories:

  • Counters
  • Tools tab
  • Visitor Tracker
  • Visitor Maps
  • Mark counters
  • IP address tracker

None of these widgets will provide high-quality analytics, but it’s a good way to tell your visitors if you’re not interested in refining and checking every aspect of your page.



You can use it to view visitor locations on a map, see other data such as operating system, browser, ISP, language, and even visitor resolution. Clicky is free to use for sites with a maximum of 3,000 daily page views.


This tool can record all visitors to your website, not just those who have JavaScript enabled. In addition to real-time statistics, Web-Stat can display visitor details, accurately measure how long the visitor visits, as well as, see the visitor click and conversion paths.

Web-Stat will attract you if you are a proponent of privacy, unlike services like Google Analytics that share your data with third parties and use it in advertising, where Web-Stat does not sell or publish any of your data.

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